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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do you agree that Hamas and ISIS are basically branches of the same tree?

100% said: A) YES
0% said: B) NO

Financial Issues with Dan Celia
Wed, 10/1/2014
» Do you agree that Hamas and ISIS are basically branches of the same tree?
Mon, 9/29/2014
» Do you believe Netanyahu is a good leader?
Fri, 9/26/2014
» Do you approve of our current military action in Syria and Iraq? Do you believe we should have ground troops there?
Thu, 9/25/2014
» Do you think Obama misrepresents America to the United Nations?
Fri, 9/19/2014
» Do you agree that the U.S. should NOT be arming any Jihadists in Syria?
Wed, 9/17/2014
» Do you believe the Constitution of the United States was drafted through the leading of the Holy Spirit?
Mon, 9/15/2014
» Do you see terrorism as the top problem facing the U.S.?
Sun, 9/14/2014
» Do you believe that Christian businesses who tithe are more likely to succeed?

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