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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do you plan to begin receiving Social Security later than age 62?

71% said: A) YES
29% said: B) NO

Financial Issues with Dan Celia
Tue, 5/19/2015
» Do you plan to begin receiving Social Security later than age 62?
Fri, 5/15/2015
» Do you think the Fed should be held more accountable to Congress and, therefore, to the American People?
Mon, 5/11/2015
» Do you think President Obama will go down as worst president ever?
Thu, 5/7/2015
» Do you believe the Fall of Western Civilization is at hand?
Mon, 5/4/2015
» Do you think our veterans are receiving the support they need and deserve?
Thu, 4/23/2015
» Have you noticed a change in your spending habits?
Mon, 4/20/2015
» Do you think Iran should have to recognize the State of Israel before any "deal" is agreed upon?
Thu, 4/16/2015
» Do you believe there is Truth to the Pentagon's claim that the Constitution and the Bible are sexist?

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