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Sample Letter to your Representatives


Dear                                      ,


We are writing today to make you understand that, as our elected representative, we do not want you to compromise. We want feet that are capable of walking away from the table. We want to see our elected officials do what is right for America, for our children, for our grandchildren, and for us. We want Medicare intact and restored. We do not want to see the quality of our healthcare going down. We do not want to be taxed to the point where we must receive some sort of government subsidy to simply exist.

Please understand that, under no circumstances, do we want this to happen. We do not want our Social Security taxed. We want solutions. We want smaller government – not simply for the sake of smaller government. We want smaller government because we cannot afford the size of the government we have today. We want a balanced budget and a balanced budget amendment. We do not want out-of-control spending and a debt ceiling that inevitably gets increased every single year and perhaps even indefinitely increased. We want the printing presses to slow down and we want real sustainable growth in our economy.

We want the oil and gas industries to be able to thrive so that we might be oil independent in the next five years – so we can stop depending on those countries who hate us and start being oil independent and energy independent. All the while we need to be growing, maintaining and doing our research and development on renewable fuels and green energies. For now, we need to make fossil fuels as green as possible and we need to be good stewards of our environment – there is no doubt about that.

We currently have the opportunity to see America get back on the road to prosperity once again. We are never going to do this, however, unless you, Mr. /Ms.                             , stand firm on the fact that we still have a Constitution of the United States of America. There is no doubt about the wisdom of the writers of this Constitution. We want to get back to that foundational wisdom and adhere to it. We want limited government and limited spending so that we, as Americans, may have economic growth as well as income growth to our government.

We are counting on you to be an honest representative of the people of this great country. It is time to save America for us and for those generations yet to come.





Financial Issues with Dan Celia

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