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What We Believe About Our Country


  • Restore America's Core Values and our Godly Heritage
  • A moment of silence for children to pray in our Public Schools
  • English as our official Language
  • Imposing Peace through strength to AL Qaeda and other serious threats to our country
  • No Negotiations with known terrorist groups
  • A fiscally sound Social Security system
  • A single tax rate of 15 to 18 % for everyone, with standard exemptions for each adult and married couple
  • A national definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman
  • An America free of the dependency on foreign energy. Drilling off of our shores and the development of our U.S. Natural Gas and Nuclear energy as a temporary measure for the next 40 years while we continually work to be free of all carbon fuels. Never again to be subservient to foreign nations.
  • Continued recognition and full support of Israel
  • Abolishing in America the unprecedented hostility towards Christianity and Judeo-Christian Values.
  • To enthusiastically seek free markets’ growth and free market thinking
  • To embrace Ronald Reagan’s values of Low Taxes, Smaller Government, Control of Spending, a Balanced Budget, Welfare Reform, Litigation Reform, Stressing Defense and Independence
  • A strong visa program for immigration and secure borders
  • A free market economy that encourages entrepreneurs to be productive, create wealth and stay, work, and produce in America.


Financial Issues with Dan Celia

Do you think there needs to be more talk about the economy and the tax system among the presidential candidates?


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OUR VISION. Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries desires to aid in the proclamation of the Gospel through motivating God’s people to be Responsible Stewards of God’s Money. Helping people to make good financial decisions will grow their ability to give, thereby growing Kingdom work. FISM believes that only Revival will transform America back to its Christian Heritage and Biblical Values. Our giving will be used as His instrument. God and mankind together with a passion for Ministry, America, Righteousness and Revival will save our future generations.

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