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Fri, 12/12/2014

U.S. and the Global Economy

Global Economy


If the cheap money - the drug issued by the Fed - ever turns in a different direction, we will be headed for 1929.


I don't know how much longer we can avoid the global economy. Japan is taking huge hits this week. China and the UK are struggling to get back in order. It looks as if Greece will be back in big trouble and the Eurozone will again face decisions about bailouts. This can only lead to problems in Cyprus and continued problems in Spain and Portugal. We are seeing no movement throughout Asia or emerging markets. Neither are we seeing any real industrial growth in Global Economy the European economies. It only makes sense that if at least one of these areas throughout the globe does not begin to pick up dramatically in strength, we will see the United States economy follow suit and begin to grow weaker, not stronger.


The policies of Washington, with their belief that becoming weaker will make us stronger, will rear their ugly head-certainly before the 2016 elections. We are beginning to see more ripples from political and economic uncertainty creeping back into the markets. The Fed will have little control over anything the markets do. If the trillions of dollars of cheap money the Fed has infused into the market as a drug ever turns in a different direction, we will be headed for 1929. 


The Fed's hands will be full trying to keep this under control. I suspect that if the global economy begins to impact the U.S. economy and cheaper oil and gasoline prices begin to affect unemployment again, we can fully expect more quantitative easing . . . only making the fall of our economy harder and more intense when it does happen.



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Fri, 12/12/2014
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